Comark Instruments – “Temperature Measurement Specialists for Industrial, Foodservice and Food Processing Applications”

Comark Instruments provides quality and affordable products to the Industrial marketplace. Their thermometers, humidity testers, pressure meters, and other measurement and monitoring instruments provide speed, accuracy and reliability for wide range of measurement applications. Intrinsically safe pressure and temperature meters also available.

Pressure Meters

Comark pressure meters combine high accuracy with speed of response and offer the option of ATEX certified Intrinsically Safe models. The C9500 instruments have twin inputs for gauge or differential pressures and positive or negative (vacuum) pressure measurement.

Typical applications include boiler flue draft, air conditioning filters, laboratories and clean rooms, process pressures, service and maintenance and the calibration of other instruments.

  • ATEX compliant certified to II 1 G Ex ia IIC T4 Ga
  • Selectable pressure units* PSI, mbar, Bar, inH2O, inHg, mmHg, Torr, Pa, KPa, mmH2O, cmH20, Kgcm-2
  • Positive or negative (vacuum) pressure measurement
  • Adjustable zero value
  • Maximum, minimum pressure and hold function
  • Averaged reading function
  • Over-range indication
  • Selectable auto switch off
  • Can function as a calibrator when used with TK2 pressure test kit
  • Silicone protection option available for liquid pressure

Supplied with tubing and connectors, plus hard carry case for IS Models

* Dependant on model

Comark Instruments Products
Comark Instruments Catalogue

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Product List

Dial Thermometers

  • T125 1″ Dial Thermometer, 25 to 125 Deg F
  • T160A 1″ Dial Thermometer, -40 to 160 Deg F
  • T160/3 1-3/4″ Dial Thermometer, -40 to 160 Deg F
  • T200L 1″ Dial Thermometer, Coffee with Clip
  • T220A 1″ Dial Thermometer, 0 to 220 Deg F
  • T220/38A 1-3/4″ Dial Thermometer, 0 to 220 Deg F
  • T550A 1″ Dial Thermometer, 50 to 550 Deg F
  • T550/38A 1-3/4″ Dial Thermometer, 50 to 550 Deg F
  • TC100A 1″ Dial Thermometer, -10 to 100 Deg C
  • TCF220/3 1-3/4″ Pocket Dial Thermometer, 0 to 220 Deg F

General Probes

  • SX23L Surface Probe, 3ft.
  • SK21M Surface Probe, 4″ Type K
  • SK24M Surface Probe, Type K
  • SK35M Surface Probe, 3ft. with Pipe Clamp
  • AK28M Flexible Thermocouple, Type K
  • AK27M Air Probe, 4″ Type K
  • AK31M Flexible Thermocouple, Type K
  • AK21M Air Probe, 4″ Type K
  • AK29M Flexible Thermocouple, Type K
  • AK33M Air Probe, 3ft. Type K
  • AK25M Air Probe, 40″ Type K
  • AT26L Air Probe, 3ft.
  • AT25L Air Probe, Type T (No Lead)
  • AT22L Air Probe, 3ft. Fast Response, Type T
  • AX24L Air Probe Thermistor, 3ft.
  • AX30L Flexible Air Probe Thermistor, 30ft.
  • RFAX100J 1m External Probe
  • RFAX200J Air Probe Damped (2m)
  • IK21M Immersion Probe, 4″ Type K
  • IK23M Immersion Probe, 12″ Type K
  • IK24M Immersion Probe, 12″ Type K
  • PX16L Penetration Probe Thermistor, 4″
  • PX22L/C Penetration Probe Thermistor, 3ft.
  • PX31L Penetration Probe Thermistor, 3″
  • PK27M Penetration Probe, 12″ Type K
  • PK32M Tarmac Probe, 20″
  • PK20M Dishwasher/Oven Probe, Type K
  • PK29M Penetration Probe, 12″ Type K
  • PK31L Penetration Probe, 3″ Type K
  • RFPX100J Penetration Probe (1m)
  • RFPX200J Penetration Probe (2m)

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