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PTC-8010 Multifunction Temperature Calibrator, complete with calibrator, set of 4 AA Alkaline batteries, (2) test lead sets, protective rubber boot, printed instruction manual, and NIST calibration certificate.

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Product Description

A speciality temperature calibrator that covers both RTDs and Thermcouples at unbelievable price

For those who need speciality temperaure calibration with high accuracy, the PTC-8010 Multifunction Temperature Calibrator is the choice. Special display features show the cold junction compensation and milliVolt equivalents at a glance for thermocouples. Ohms equivalent are shown when using the RTD functions. In addition, the calibrator has the following features and functions:

  • A graphics display. The display can be used to source and measure resistance temperture detectors (RTDs), thermocouples, millivolts and resistance
  • Setpoints in each range for quickly increasing/decreasing output
  • An interactive menu
  • Complete serial interface for remote control



Features & Benefits

  • Multifunction Temperature
  • ClearbriteTM Graphic Display
  • Auto Stepping
  • Auto Ramping
  • RS-232 Serial Interface
  • NIST Calibration Certificate
  • Rubber Boot
  • Martel 3-Key User Interface
  • Scroll/Step Output
  • Numeric Input
  • AC Charger/Adapter Option