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The Manta Test Systems MTS-2000 is a cost effective, lightweight, and fully ruggedized meter and transducer testing solution for service and calibration professionals in a variety of applications. By packaging the voltage and current amplifiers together with the transducer DC input and transducer DC output, voltage, current, frequency, volt-amps, volts-amps reactive, phase angle, and power factor meters and transducers may be tested with one compact piece of equipment. An easy to read multi-line vacuum florescent display and intuitive keypad interface streamline testing in challenging field conditions.

Two precision AC/DC sources are provided. One channel provides 0-150V RMS. The second channel is convertible: 0-150V or 0-5A RMS. Phase angles and frequencies are adjustable, so all types of voltage, current and power meters can be tested.

The 0-20mA current loop input and output enables testing of transducers as well as transducer-driven metering circuits.

Productivity modes are provided for testing various meter and transducer types. In each case a “quick set” feature provides a simple way to cycle through the 25% points for rapid testing.

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