Vaisala – “Accurate measurements for humidity, temperature, dew point, carbon dioxide, pressure and moisture in oil”


If the success of your operations depends on faultless measurements, Vaisala have the solution for you: Vaisala HUMICAP®, DRYCAP®, CARBOCAP® and BAROCAP® sensors – the unrivaled industry quality benchmarks.

Only true knowledge matters and only the world’s most accurate instruments can deliver it reliably. Based on over 75 years of experience. With unique technologies for long-term stability, proven in the harshest conditions. Vaisala instruments ensure better efficiency, quality, safety and profitability of critical processes in hundreds of applications in dozens of industries worldwide.

Choose from a wide range of fixed and handheld instruments for different applications, requirements and budgets. Tell us how you would like to measure your success. Their sensors will help deliver it.

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Product List
  • Carbon Dioxide Instruments
  • Dew Point Instruments
  • Digital Barometers
  • Humidity Instruments
  • Moisture and Temperature Transmitters
  • Pressure Transmitters

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