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TEGAM, Inc. is based in suburban Cleveland, Ohio and specializes in the design, manufacture and support of a wide variety of test, measurement and calibration instruments. The company was founded in 1979 and is managed by Andy Brush, CEO and Adam Fleder, President.

Over the past 36 years, TEGAM has developed a wide variety of measurement instrumentation, and has enhanced its internal product development with the acquisition of product lines from a number of well-known companies such as Keithley Instruments, Eaton, Tektronix and Pragmatic Instruments.

TEGAM products are marketed throughout the world via its cohesive network of strong technical representatives and distributors in over 40 countries. TEGAM is internationally recognized for its offering of RF power sensor calibration systems, RF attenuation measurement systems, resistance standards, ratio standards, and ohm meters. In addition, the company’s supplies LCR meters/impedance bridges, high-voltage amplifiers, MEMS engine driver systems, handheld thermometers, humidity meters, and other test and measurement solutions. Recently TEGAM has introduced several exciting new products, including a PXI amplifier and an RF Power Meter.

TEGAM’s commitment to quality and customer service remains our highest priority. TEGAM will continue to provide the exceptional products, solutions and support that made their company and their customers successful for over 35 years.

Tegam Products

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Product List
  • RF & Microwave
  • Signal Generation & Amplification
  • Voltage & Resistance
  • Electrical Safety
  • Temperature & Humidity
  • Ratio Standards

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