TimeLink microsystems – “Timing & Synchronization solutions”


TimeLink microsystems focus in the development of complex systems were time plays a critical role.

TimeLink microsystemsprovides not only equipment & software, but solutions able to cope with a high level of user’s requirements. Timelink microsystems is leader in the generation, synchronization and distribution of precise time and frequency signals.

They design, manufacture and market atomic clocks and network synchronization and timing solutions used in telecom networks, space, defense and avionics systems. Their customers include network service providers, telecom equipment manufacturers, military and aerospace contractors, enterprises, as well as government and research facilities.

The company is ISO-9001 certified and constantly works to improve its products and services to customers

Their strategic goals :

  • To propose a high level of specialized know-how at a competitive cost.
  • To develop with ours customers a partnership based on shared responsibilities.
  • To focus on aerospace, defence and telecom markets.


Catalogue available for download is listed below:

TimeLink microsystems Catalogue (not currently available)

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For additional information on TimeLink microsystems., please visit their website HERE.

Product List

GNSS antenna & cables

GNSS disciplined time & frequency generator

Optical fiber generator & distributor

Time code distributor

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