Origo Corporation – “Remote real-time and non-real-time phase identification anywhere. Identify the phase attribute (A,B,C) of any energized conductor, at any transmission or distribution voltage, anywhere within your utility”


Origo is a company whose mission is to design the tools you always wished you had. They look at the industry’s common everyday tasks, that are currently very difficult to accomplish, and design a product to make that task easier. Linemen ensure that their end products are both useful and SIMPLE to use. Their designers use the latest technology to bring these products to life.

Weighing less than 3 lb. and controlled with a single push button switch, the PhaseID Field Probe is the fastest and easiest to use phase identification tool available. No cell phones or other real-time communication services are required. When used to probe 120V outlets, any utility personnel can obtain the primary phase attributes supplying that outlet.

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Product List
      • PhaseID Data Loggers
      • PhaseID System

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